Audio (Updated: 11/14/17)

We can resonate not only with music, but with silence. Animal sounds, chatter, traffic, and all the sounds of the modern world can inspire and manipulate the way we move. We also have the option to block out all sound.


When we deterritorialize the human voice or utilize reduction & regeneration by X, we get into the sound of the body cavities, of which there are several. Experiment with creating sounds from various parts of the throat, sinuses, and other body cavities, which are not ordinarily observed/accepted as part of the human voice.

A major re/deterritorializion/reduction is the silent shout.


We deterritorialize the human word by engaging our gibberish or baby babble. An inspiration also can be that of glossolalia, speaking in tongues, which is associated with the Pentecostal Christian church. Another inspiration can be the schizophrenic.

J Leff on speaking about schizophrenese, says that the words are clear but their connections are not. The meaning, then of the words, despite their intact units of speech are vague or confusing. J Leff’s schizophrenese example from a patient: “In my mind is a gist of something that’s coming you see and to get them prepared unto on and then when the Lord is ready that gist that’s back in my head when the Lord says so my Lord there’s then supplied the people who who’s ready to who have been applied to come in and coincide their in on the thing the Lord bringeth forth to for me to say on that day on how and how and there and when to coincide their in unto with me.”¹


One can shift from hearing the surrounding or ignoring it. One can also shift to hearing one’s internal body, especially in the mouth if the tongue/lips are moved around.

Exercise: Worst Soundscape

Resonate with the most unfavorable music or soundscape such as dogs barking and/or babies crying.


¹ Leff, J (1993) Comment on Crazy Talk: Thought Disorder or Psychiatric Arrogance by Thomas Szasz. British Journal of Medical Psychology, 66, 77-78.