Cultivating body balance is essential in order to have a ready-for-anything approach to butoh.

Exercise 1: One Leg Blindfold

With closed eyes or with a blindfold, balance on one leg (or do the yoga tree pose) for as long as you can. Also try single leg shuffling. Spin once or twice then stand on one leg. Dance the single leg. Then dance the whole body while on the single leg.

Exercise 2: Cup of Water

Ash walk while holding a cup of water. Make sure the water has the most minimal movement.

Exercise 3: Tea Bag

Ash walk while holding the end of a tea bag. Make sure the tea bag does not swing as best as you can.

Exercise 4: Rock on Head

Ash walk while balancing a rock on your head.

Exercise 5: Post-Spin

Turn in place as fast as you can for some time. Then stop. Do not lose your balance. Do not be effected by your vision nor the equilibrium properties of the inner ear. Enter into ash walk.

Exercise 6: Stick

Hold a 30 cm stick or ruler on the palm of your hand. Focus on the top. The objective is to keep the stick as straight as possible with very limited movement. If there is movement, your body compensates. Resonate with your body movements.