Jumping Wild (Updated: 11/15/17)

Jumping Wild is a term coined by Rhizome Lee.¹ Despite what the name suggests, this practice is not about physically jumping but jumping from qualia to qualia. This dance involves perpetually shifting qualias. As soon as we begin to settle into one movement or qualia, we switch to another. Jumping wild is the qualia of qualias.

Exercise 1: Throwing Qualias

In order grow accustomed to the idea of shifting, we can have one or more participants in the performance space while one or more others speak out varying person, place, thing, or idea qualias. The performers are to perform these qualias on-the-spot no matter how quickly they come.

Exercise 2: Rejecting Thrown Qualias

Like the first exercise, there is an instant shifting based off of what is being thrown out. This is the opposing version, however, where any kind of qualia is immediately entered into so long as it is not the thrown out qualia or the prior qualia. Essentially, this is an exercise of cultivating movement non sequiturs, even though everything always comes from something, but perhaps the observer may not notice where.

Exercise 3: Throwing Jo-Ha-Kyus

This exercise plays with the same concept, except now one person throws out various Jo-Ha-Kyus one at a time (first Jo, then Ha, then Kyu). Examples: question, thesis, conclusion / inadequate, adequate, too much / sensation, action, result / birth, life, death.

Exercise 4: Fifth Dimensional Movement

This exercise begins with a form of vaporizing. While in statue or ash body, we visualize/feel our very selves flooding the space, some of us sitting, dancing, and/or engaged in various cobodies. We see so many of ourselves till it is as crowded as a Tokyo subway train. Then gradually break out of ash body vaporization and fit into these other versions of yourself like a glove. Do not stay in one glove or mold though. Continually shift from one to another.

Exercise 5: Multi-Qualia Dimensional Movement

This is the same exercise, but instead of seeing bodies that look similar to your terrestrial body all around you, now there are varying qualias. Identify these qualias as also you. Break out of vaporizing ash body and shift from one to another.

Exercise 6: Prop Metamorphosis

While using a prop, continually shift the context or qualia of the prop. For instance, a balloon can shift into a bomb, a head, a world, or an egg.

Exercise 7: Throwing Prop Qualias

Somebody throws out arbitrary qualias and the person must utilize or transform their prop to work with the qualia. The more seemingly different the qualia is to the prop, the better.

Exercise 8: Vaporized Ash Body

This is an exercise that looks very subtle on the outside, but not within. On the outside, we are in ash body, but within we are shifting through endless qualias in the invisible multidimensional world.

Exercise 9: Vaporized Opposition

There are opposing states between the 3d world and the invisible multidimensional world. If our 3d body is frozen, then the invisible world is moving, whether with one or many of us or with differentiating qualias. If our 3d body however is moving, then the invisible multidimensional world is frozen.

Exercise 10: Qualia Aversions

This exercise requires a list to be made of all qualias that leaves the participant with distaste (whether persons, places, things, or ideas). Once a list is made (the larger the better), somebody throws them out at random so that the participant can resonate with them.


¹ Lee, Rhizome. Behind the Mirror: Butoh Manual For Students. 2010. Print.