Line (Updated: 08/25/18)

There are two types of strings/lines that can move you: (1) Human Strings/Lines; (2) Butoh Strings/Lines.

Human Strings/Lines

Move as if a string is pulling any various part of the body. You can also change the amount of strings. These strings will move you in one direction depending on where the string is. This type of movement is actually an illusion because no movement can travel completely straight. There is only the appearance of being straight.

Butoh Strings/Lines

This type of movement is the movement of nature. Like the Human String, you are also being pulled, but you feel the endless breaks of linearity. There is a general direction, but getting there is nonlinear. First play with subtle butoh strings, where the linear deviation is very minimal, then expand the size.

A butoh string/line is a deterritorialized line, a line that is fermented, a line that has lost its way, but still has a beginning and end. This line is a line that has embraced scribble.

Figure 1, Butoh String

Exercise 1: Cut String

Attach one string to any part of the body and keep the string taut with the body. Something or someone then suddenly cuts the string. React accordingly.

Exercise 2: Pointing

While approaching the other end of the room, point upstage left, downstage right, downstage left, and upstage right. Pay attention to the transitions. Build up the speed. Then do the same exercise while pointing in the directions you choose. Do not forget about above and under. Experiment with how far your body follows the pointing. Much like in butoh strings, you can also butoh point. Butoh pointing has the same premise as the butoh string in that the directions go somewhere but are nonlinear. Use with reduction & regeneration is recommended.