Paradox (Updated 8/18/17)

A paradox is something that bears contradictory elements. Sometimes paradox is connected to irony. Here are some examples of qualities that may be somehow embodied, perhaps after discovering a sense of false dichotomy: fast and slow; small and large; light and heavy; young and old; airy and solid; strong and weak; strange and normal; beautiful and ugly; vain and humble; pleasurable and painful; cold and hot; rough and smooth; rainy and sunny; silent and loud; bitter and sweet; sunny and rainy; happy and sad; something and nothing; nowhere and everywhere.

Example Characters

The title alone describes their paradox:

1. Happy Monster

2. Beggar King

3. Cardboard Egomaniac

4. Old Baby

5. Happy Scrooge.

Excerpt From a Pageless Codex

A deaf midwife hears a morgue’s stone window opening shut as her white satin shadow waves frozen despite the black sun rising to dusk with a wingless dove flying inside out into a parched puddle reminiscing tomorrow’s threadless spool under a missing chandelier.