Reduction & Regeneration By X (Updated: 8/16/17)

Movements can be modified in a variety of ways. Pick a qualia and expand or decrease it. Major qualities include speed, size, density, weight, age, fluidity, flexibility, strength, humanness, emotion, craziness/weirdness, beauty, intensity, presence, health, and ego. Maximum reduction can take on the form of maximum downplaying, whereas maximum regeneration can take on maximum exaggeration.

Exercise 1: 1 to 10

The participants find a movement pattern and one person goes down a list of modifiers (such as speed, strength, humanness). For each one, 1 to 10 is called out. Make 1 the least of the characteristic and 10 the most, e.g. for human, 1 would be least human and 10 the most.

Exercise 2: Duality

By the sound of a stick, the participant switches from the polar opposites of the X in question, essentially utilizing only 1 or 10.